Andres Dominguez
Andres Dominguez is one of Sevilla's greatest builders.  He played the flamenco guitar professionally for 40 years until he retired and has been a guitar builder for 35 years.  Many artists have passed through his shop and play his instruments.  Paco Cepero, Enrique del Melchor,  Manolo Franco, Nino de Pura, Jose Luis Postigo, Ricardo Mino, Quique Paredes, Paco Fernandez and many more.

He has participated in many various expositions of great importance and has given several courses in the construction of the guitar.

His labor as a constructor is collected in various publications, cited among the most important, the ones of Jose Luis Romanillos and Luis F. Leal Pinar's "Guitarreros de Andalucia" in which the photo on the right, appears on the front cover of this book.
Andrew Dominguez