Juan Miguel Gonzalez
Juan Miguel González is one of the up and coming luthiers of Spain and a successor of the long tradition of guitar building Antonio de Torres left behind in his native Almeria. He was born into the guitar world (1947 Almeria, Spain) via his father, Juan Miguel González Abad, who gave the beginnings to the late great luthier, Gerundino Fernández. At one point in time, Juan Miguel built for both Eliado and Gerundino Fernández. Juan Miguel finally decided to branch off and build his own guitars under his own label. Since then, Juan Miguel’s guitars are becoming very popular among professionals such as Tomatito, Manolo Franco, Carlos Piñana, Miguel Angel Cortés and Ricardo Rivera. His guitars can only be described as very Andalusian. The have a very flamenco sound and are extremely comfortable to play.

Juan Miguel González Morales is only producing a very limited amount of guitars per year and his list is growing.  His work is constantly evolving and he only produces 16 to 18 instruments a year. He works alone in his shop that is located next to his home in Almería, Spain.