Rafael Romero
At the age of twelve,  Rafael Romero, began playing the guitar as a disciple of Rafael Escudier.  At the age of sixteen, he stepped on to the Flamenco music scene, performing alongside such renowned artists as 'Chano Lobato', 'Rancapino', 'Curro Malena', 'El Chato de la Isla' and a little girl from Cadiz named Sara Baras, who excelled at dancing.  During that period, having already acquired noteworthy artistic training, he discovered his true vocation as a guitar maker and was advised by his fellow countryman, guitar maker Mario Melero.  He later traveled to Madrid where he met guitar maker Jose Romero who encouraged and supported his aspirations for guitar making.

Gerardo Nunez, Manuel Parrilla, Juan Parrilla, Moraito Chico and Manuel Lozano 'El Carbonero' are just a few of the of the guitarists Rafael has built guitars for.
Rafael Romero Label